About Us

Brands don't get big and they advertise. They advertise, then get big.

Parle is the French word for speak - here at Parle Media we don’t just speak media, we live and breathe it. We’re a direct-response media buying agency. We can deliver unmatched passion, integrity, and work ethic. We have the business savvy to negotiate deals with large corporations, and the every-man attitude to work with entities comprised of a single person.

We work with clients who deploy multi-million-dollar media advertising budgets. We also connect those clients to an enormous network of media companies both large and small; including properties rooted in digital, radio, TV, and print.

We create dynamic media plans that transform brands and grow client businesses. Our ideas drive engagement, convert customers, close sales, build loyalty, and most importantly, create a win-win for all parties involved.

We specialize in fostering successful, long-term client engagements that promote healthy business relationships. Our philosophy is to be both extremely fair while also being extremely performance driven.

For our clients with media spends - we work aggressively to secure deals of all sizes in various locations. We aren’t afraid to test and fail fast, and we constantly analyze data down to the smallest social media channel. We find the channels providing the greatest return, and increase the clients spend in those areas as much as possible.

For our partners in the media space - we collaborate to put them in the best position possible. We leverage our deep expertise to develop smart, performance-driven advice, truly partnering with them. Our goal is to create effective media campaigns and then get each media partner as much money as possible.